Change Management drove Salesforce CPQ at Ivanti

After some years of inorganic growth through acquisition, Ivanti found itself in an all too common situation: legacy systems and an abundance of overly complex and manual processes. Ivanti worked with Simplus to transform their legacy systems and add Salesforce CPQ improving how they did business with their customers and partners. 

The transformation was a success. Simplus—through a complete engagement encompassing Advisory Services, implementation, change management, and training—completely transformed how Ivanti used Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ. This led to a 35% reduction in quote creation time, improved communication across business units, and reduced the content management footprint from several different solutions into one consolidated platform. 


CPQ Implementation Success Due to Change Management

Ivanti’s VP of IT at the time said at least half of the project success was due to change management. In this case, OCM resources at Simplus were brought in to augment the in-house Ivanti team and oversee change efforts and alignment. Many times when implementation projects are being budgeted, change management is forgotten but it is such a crucial element to the success of the project. 

“If you are impacting your sales team’s productivity, you are impacting your bottom line,” said Laura Stevens, Director of Change Management at Ivanti. “So if you are not very thoughtful and methodical about how you introduce change, especially to Sales, you are going to have a revenue hit.”

The Simplus team works with your team to ensure higher levels of adoption and productivity through proper change management, reducing the negative impact on revenue. 

Watch the complete change management interview with Ivanti here




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